Aluminium Door Closers

Door Closers for aluminium entrance doors

Aluminium door closers are hidden away inside the frame work of a shop front , they are concealed above the aluminium door or can be built into the floor and also hinge the door. If your aluminium door closer is faulty then the aluminium door will slam shut or stick in the open position. A faulty door closer will often start to leak oil, once the closer is faulty there is little you can door to repair it as it is a sealed unit and will often need to be replaced. Aluminium door closers that need replacing will cause more problems with other parts of the door if not repaired and with today's health and safety, Mane recommend getting your closer replaced as soon as possible.


Mane can change any aluminium door closers at a very competitive cost.

All of our aluminium door closers come with a standard 2 year guarantee. If you need your aluminium door closer changing please give us a call for a free quotation. Mane cover  the following areas for aluminium door closers repairs North West England, Yorkshire and North Wales, for any commercial property.