Shop Front Doors

Shop front doors 

Mane install and repair glass and aluminium shop front doors, we offer a nationwide service and offer free quotes on any shop front doors, repair or installation. Shop front doors come in any colour and if you need a replacement shop front door we can colour match your old one. Shop front doors have a built in door closer and we can also replace these. Shop front doors can be 1 full piece of glass or split in to 2 and can have a variety of locks, all of our new shop front doors and parts come with a standard 2 year guarantee. Mane can install a new shop front door to your old shop front, so if your shop front doors are damaged or just need to be replaced we can install  new shop front doors along with a new threshold and door closer, please contact us on 01613209322 or email, once you have contacted us we will be able to give you a quote on shop front doors straight away.

Shop front door maintenance.

Mane carry out maintenance to shop front doors and can replace any faulty door parts including door closers, floor springs, locks and glass. Maintaining your shop front door is very important, not only for health and safety reasons but if you let a problem continue this will lead to other parts failing. The first impression a customer gets of your shop is the shop front, make sure your shop front doors looks good and work correctly.

Shop front doors - parts and materials

If you decide to replace your shop front doors, you can choose any colour, all of our doors are made from aluminium, we will replace the door closer and if needed the aluminium framework above the door to carry the shop front doors closer, we will also replace the lock with 1 hook lock as standard and euro profile cylinder that comes with 3 keys.

Tel: 0161 320 9322