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Shop Door repairs - aluminium and glass doors

Shop door repairs throughout the UK, Mane specialise in shop entrance door repairs all of our rates are very competitive no matter where you are our prices remain the same, so call or email us for a free quotation on repairing your shop door. Nationwide shop door repairs

Mane carry out shop door repairs to any shop front door, emergency call out service available for all shop door repairs. Is you shop door slamming shut, not closing fully, catching on the floor, have you a broken piece of glass or a faulty lock. Mane can repair any of these problems on your shop door, below is a list of common faults and Mane can give you a quote either by phoning us or email the problem you have and the type of door and we will give you a quote by email. Tell us the problem with your shop front door email:

Shop door repairs parts

Door closers - Mane can change any type of door closer on a shop door whether it be a concealed closer or a face fix closer. A faulty door closer will cause your door to slam shut. Mane can repair a shop door closer within 1 hour on site and due to health and safety it is important to have your shop door repaired if you have a faulty closer, once your door starts to leek oil or slams shut it will just get worse. Please click here for more information on door closers

Bottom Pivots - Located on the bottom of an aluminium shop front door, this is what a door hinges on and if your door is catching on the floor this is a common fault. A faulty bottom pivot that is not repaired can lead to more damage to your shop door.

Drive Arms - If your aluminium shop door is swinging closed but is not closing fully the common fault is the drive arm, this is located on the top of the shop front door and connects your door to the closer.

Floor Springs - Like a door closer but situated in the floor, a faulty floor spring can stop the door closing at the correct speed, stop the door closing fully or leave the shop door dragging on the floor. Faulty floor springs can cause more damage to a door and will cause health and safety issues, Mane can repair your shop door with a new floor spring. For more information on floor springs click here.

Locks- Mane can change or repair any lock on any aluminium shop door for a very competitive rate. For more information on shop front door locks please click here

Glass Door Repairs - Mane carry out repairs on glass entrance doors for shops, offices and business premises


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