Metal Door Repairs

Metal door repairs.

Mane carry out repairs to metal doors throughout the North West, Yorkshire and North Wales. Metal shop front doors can be repaired on the same working day as we visit as we carry a variation of stock.

Metal door parts and repairs.

Metal door closers, if you have a metal door slamming shut due to a broken closer then not only is this a health and safety issue but can also lead to causing more damage to your door parts. Door closers can be located above the metal door or in the floor, Mane can give a free quotation for changing any metal door closer either by email or telephone.

Hinge problems, if your metal door is catching on the floor or is catching any of the framework then Mane can carry out repairs to your hinges.

Metal Door Locking problems, if you have a problem locking a metal door or closing a metal door due to a lock or emergency panic bars then Mane can resolve this problem by either repairing your current locks or providing new.


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