Mane Shop Fronts Leicester

Mane Shop Fronts Leicester 

Mane supply and install aluminium and all glass shop fronts in Leicester, we offer free quotes all you need to do is telephone or email an give you us and we can give you an estimate of costs. Aluminium shop fronts come in a variety of colours, are durable and very low maintenance so if you require an aluminium shop front in Leicester please contact us. All glass shop fronts are frameless and stylish they come with a variety of handles and fittings so if you need an all glass shop front in Leicester please contact us.

Shop Front Doors

Mane can replace or install  complete new shop front doors in Leicester, if your shop front door is damaged and needs replacing please contact us for a free quotation, we will be able to match the colour of your shop fronts and we will replace the door closer mechanism.

Shop Front Door Repairs In Leicester

Mane carry out repairs to shop front doors in Leicester, we can replace door closers, floor springs, locks and hinge problems, we can usually give you a quote if you describe what the problem is so please feel free to email or telephone us today.