Aluminium Entrance doors

Aluminium Entrance doors.

Aluminium is strong, light and gives a smooth stylish look. The aluminium entrance doors are pivoted on a bearing at the bottom and are pivoted on the top with a concealed transom closer, this can close as normal or be fitted to hold open at a 90* angle. The aluminium entrance doors themselves can be fitted with a variety of different locks such as hook locks and magnetic strike locks. The door can consist of one piece of glass or split in to two. The entrance doors can be fitted with any type of handles and can be powder coated to any colour you desire. The aluminium entrance doors can be made to open inwards or outwards and closing speeds can be adjusted accordingly. Mane also carry out repairs to any type of aluminium entrance doors for shop front doors.

Aluminium entrance door repairs

Mane also carry out repairs to aluminium entrance doors, we can change door closers, change floor springs, repair or change locks and replace broken glass. Mane offer free quotes to repair aluminium entrance doors.

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